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Tweak Reviews is about hardware. Whether you are looking for the best motherboard for gaming or you are in need of in-depth, honest keyboard reviews before investing in the one that fits your needs best - you name it and we offer you the relevant test, articles with data you won’t find anywhere else, hardware unboxed, videos and more.

How do we do that? Hardware, especially computer hardware, is our passion. Both personally, but also in our professional life. We are originally from Denmark and our site has become the country’s biggest hardware community and most ambitious tech-site. Checking games and hardware products is our daily business and a pc test is nothing new to us. offers hardware news, tests and reviews from experts to Danish enthusiasts and those in need of reliable knowledge on what to buy. We have information on a massive selection of gaming equipment, other computer hardware components and hardware distributors. On Tweak Reviews, we bring this Danish point of view and our knowledge to the English speaking audience.

ASRock Fatal1ty X299 Gaming Motherboard

Hardware Reviews

Detailed reviews on hardware devices

You might have guessed it by now: We really love hardware. The hardware tests, news and reviews coming up on this site will proof that. Here is a short outlook on what to expect - we have tested it all: from the tiniest computer mouse, the speaker and headset, over to the computer monitor, the graphics card and the hard drive. We have written reviews on storage and memory, used RAM, NAS and every external hard drive we could find and installed a different pc cooler several times. And of course documented every step of it in detailed articles and build logs.

Long story short, our hardware reviews are meant for everybody who wants more than just basic data on home hardware. With intense tests and smart second thoughts, we tell you everything else you need to know. You will find information on what’s worth your money and which hardware works best with your pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Again, testing a motherboard, hard disk, NAS server or computer tower is not only our job - it is our personal interest.

Graphics Card MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming

Gaming Hardware

All on gaming hardware and gaming assessories

Needless to say that you can also expect gamer content. Here, you will find news on the latest games and get an outlook on what is coming up in the future. But as a hardware platform, our true strength lies within the gaming accessories. Whatever your gaming pc needs, the review will be on this site. Big brands like Razer, MSI, Acer, Cooler Master und BitFenix surely ring a bell and we compare their products here.

Let’s say you are wondering whether you should switch the CPU cooler. Read tests on the latest air cooler and water cooler and get opinions on what is best. And no matter whether you decide for a new CPU fan or something else, once started, the rest of the gaming equipment should fit your more powerful computer. We have access to the latest releases: game keyboard, gaming motherboard, gamer mouse or even a gaming chair – we provide you with detailed reviews. The best gamers work with the best hardware.

Gaming pc and builds

Build your own gaming pc

Game gear or gaming stuff, no matter how you call the equipment, we support you with building your own gaming pc. This is not about your playstation or xbox but about your own gaming computer that you have equipped with the hardware, you believe in. If there is anything that you are in doubt with, the tests and reviews are here to help you.

Let us say you are in need of a more powerful motherboard for your gaming pc. Still, you are unsure of how to find the best motherboard and the best brand. Just go ahead and read some of our detailed motherboard reviews or a specific motherboard test and figure out what works best for you. If you already chose all the performance enhancing equipment but want to show the inner strength on the outside, you will be keen on getting the latest news on cabinet reviews, gamer keyboards and mice. There will also be build logs on how we used the pc tower or NAS case in combination the rest of our hardware.

More hardware

Knowledge, experience and guides

Gaming and computer hardware is the core of this site. But you will also find the good smartphone test you have been looking for, a detailed review on the noise cancellation of a pair of headphones and maybe even on the speech recognition technology of Dictaphones.

You might find an article on virtual reality glasses and a keyboard test, next to information on issues with the wireless network and a screen test. We are looking for the best hardware and love unboxing and testing it to bring valuable, honest content for everyone. Stay tuned and see what we Danes have to offer. If you are curious to see Danish or German content, refer to our YouTube channel or the German website

We attend fairs

We visit the biggest fairs to provide you with the latest news. Our year is packed with big events like the CES in Las Vegas and the THS in Taipei combined with European fairs like the gamescom in Cologne. We fight ourselves through the masses – you get insider information, news and releases. Fast.

Youtube Reviews and Builds

Curious about seeing more video material? The tweak YouTube channel is not only for reviews and tests, it also offers vlogs and build logs. Building a pc is an art and with all the hardware at our hands, we are not scared to try something new.

Tech news and gadgets

Computer hardware is the core of our business, but we also provide you with more general technology news and information on gadgets like sports equipment and noise cancelling headsets that we test here in Denmark.